As our globalized economy continues to develop, the rapid growth of the technology and design industries continues to constantly provide intricate and nuanced challenges for businesses and entrepreneurs. The attorneys at John Onal and Associates, P.C. are proficient in assisting our clients in dealing with the challenges facing them. Having represented a wide range of clients in a variety of fields in patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and other intellectual property matters, we strive to provide the most comprehensive and cost-effective service to our clients. The services we provide include transactional matters related to technology and intellectual property such as licensing manufacturing, distribution and collaboration agreements.

We provide a full spectrum of services required to help clients with intellectual property procurement, transaction, and litigation. Our attorneys often assist our clients with developing the essential business fundamentals and deal terms, as well as advise on matters including intellectual property licensing, transfer, and warranties. They also handle trademark and patent prosecution, know-how licensing, joint development projects, collaboration arrangements, manufacturing, distribution, sourcing, domain name consultation, arbitration, and litigation. Our attorneys conduct research and diligence investigation in preparation for IP ownership and transaction negotiations involving mergers, acquisition, and other business transaction.

Whatever your goals or objectives may be, our firm provides full range of professional services in all spheres of Intellectual Property law to protect your products, services, marks, brands, designs, logos, creative works, and inventions. Our team of lawyers are always ready to assist you with Trademark, Copyright, and Patent applications as well as to handle any related legal issues you may experience or legal actions you may wish to take. Our counsel will serve your needs to ensure that your business prospers free of challenges to your services, products lines, and branding.

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