Our legal team handles all aspects of commercial contracts for companies and organizations of all sizes. 

We know that well-drafted contracts are key components of business success. Our law firm’s customized approach to business law involves an individualized assessment of your unique set of legal needs in order to tailor contacts that achieve your goals and protect your interests. 

As dedicated and trusted attorneys, we help our clients to achieve their business objectives in terms of identifying, managing, and minimizing their legal risks.

The legal services our firm provides to our valued clients, include but are not limited to, the following: 
•    Joint venture agreements
•    Partnership agreements 
•    Service provider agreements 
•    Buy-sell deals 
•    Supplier contracts 
•    Vendor contracts 
•    Distribution contracts
•    Information Technology development and service contracts 
•    Financing agreements
•    Franchise contracts 
•    Real estate transaction contracts and leases 
•    Equipment leasing and acquisition contracts
•    Manufacturing Agreements 
•    Maintenance Agreements 
•    Warranty 
•    Intellectual Property licensing and transfer agreements
•    Employment agreements
•    Contract dispute resolution and litigation

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