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H-2 visas are available for workers coming to the United States to work temporarily in agriculture, construction, forestry, and similar jobs. While H-2A visa is available for agricultural jobs, H-2B is available for all other temporary non-agricultural jobs. In accordance with USCIS requirements, the temporary labor must be needed by the employer for a limited period of time.  Such a period of time generally will be limited to one year or less, but a one-time event could last up to three years.  The employer’s need for services or labor must be on a one-time basis, seasonal, for a peak load, or intermittent basis.  To obtain this visa, first the U.S. employer must apply to USCIS by submmitting the I-129 Form for approval. Then, if approved, the employee may apply to US consulate to obtain the visa.  

Our highly experienced lawyers can help you with the preparation of your visa application in the US or overseas in the U.S. Consulates. Once you get in touch with our lawyers, you will have a peace of mind as our lawyers review all options available to your case and diligently prepare your application. 

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