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In today’s world, where technology advances exponentially, it is vital for anyone to have safeguards for their ideas, designs, and inventions. Hence, a patent is necessary to protect your invention from an unlawful use. Such invention must not be disclosed for more than a year in any part of the world.  
Once your invention is patented, you can protect it up to 20 years depending on the type of patent; utility patent or design patent.
Our attorneys help clients in obtaining and managing patent rights for their inventions and designs both domestically as well as internationally in collaboration with foreign counsel. We conduct patent availability searches and freedom-to-operate searches and provide the associated reports for our clients. We also file and fully prosecute design patents and non-provisional and provisional utility patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. By identifying opportunities to obtain intellectual property assets through application or strategic acquisition, we help our clients add to their intellectual property portfolio by participating in their inventive and creative processes. We also assist clients with addressing third-party patent issues that may pose obstacles to commercialization activities, through clearance studies and related counseling and opinion work.

The patent services our firm provides include, but are not limited to:
•    Patentability Searches and Opinion Reports
•    Freedom-to-Operate Searchers and Opinion Reports
•    Patent due diligence
•    Drafting, filing and prosecuting Provisional Patent Applications
•    Drafting, filing and prosecuting Non-Provisional Patent Applications
•    Responding to USPTO Office Actions
•    Addressing Anticipation Rejections
•    Addressing Obviousness Rejections
•    Addressing Subject Matter Eligibility Rejections
•    Addressing Indefiniteness Rejections
•    Obtaining Formal Drawings
•    Patent Appeals
•    Post Grant Proceedings
•    Patent Policing
•    Patent Enforcement and Infringement Litigation
•    Licensing
•    Patent Portfolio Management

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