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L-1 Visas (L-1A for Executives and Managers, L-1B for employees with specialized knowledge) are available for the Executives, managers or employees having specialized knowledge to be transferred to the US entity from the US entity’s parent, subsidiary, branch or affiliate overseas.

The criteria for the L-1 visa are:
•   The sponsoring entity shall be the same firm, corporation, or other legal entity, or parent, branch, affiliate, or subsidiary thereof, for whom the employee has been employed abroad;
•   The Employee is a manager, executive, or an alien having specialized knowledge, and is destined to a managerial or executive position or a position requiring specialized knowledge;
•   The sponsoring entity and the employee have the requisite employer-employee relationship;
•   The Sponsoring entity will continue to do business in the United States and at least one other country;
•   The Employee meets the requirement of having had one year of prior continuous qualifying experience within the previous three years;
•   The Employee may come to US to work at a new office subject to certain additional requirements;
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