Your choice of business entity has many ramifications in terms of limitation of liability, corporate governance, tax and filing requirements. For instance, incorporation of a business may allow you to limit your liability with your investment, however it may have tax consequences that need to be carefully considered.. To avoid any additional taxes that may be imposed on incorporated entities, one may consider to remain as a sole proprietor. However, the business owner will be exposing themselves personally to legal liability of the business. 

We review each individual case separately and advise our clients with the most suitable entity types for their particular business. We also assist our clients with the formation of the selected entity type including, but not limited to, limited liability companys (LLC), corporations (S-Corporation or C-Corporation), or limited partnerships (LP). 

Upon selecting a business entity, our Law Firm will draft the business contracts and other critical agreements in accordance with the requirements of your business entity, including but not limited to:
•    Articles of Organization
•    Corporation Bylaws
•    Option Agreements,
•    Shareholder Agreements for Corporations, 
•    Operating Agreements for LLCs
•    Partnership Agreements
•    Employee Handbooks
•    Employment Agreements

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