Remain in Mexico

Remain in Mexico


The recent Supreme Court decision declined Biden Administration's application to issue a stay against a lower-court order that reinstates a Trump-Era policy called "Remain in Mexico."

Remain in Mexico policy basically requires asylum seekers to stay in Mexico while they wait for the completion of the judicial process regarding their eligibility for immigration. The policy was put into place in 2019 and involved several eccentrical implementations such as court tents along the southern border.

Removal of the policy was among the electoral pledges of Biden, and soon after entering upon the Office, the promise was fulfilled and officially removed in June. Missouri and Texas, however, sued Biden Administration in reference to the growing harm border states suffer and the crisis at the southern border.

The Department of Homeland Security released a statement and expressed its regret for the Supreme Court's refusal and announced that the DHS appealed the district court's decision and will continue to challenge it. Yet, DHS declared, DHS would comply with the court in good faith.

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