The US State Department Finalizes Selection of FY 2021 Diversity Visa Lottery Winners

The US State Department Finalizes Selection of FY 2021 Diversity Visa Lottery Winners


The State Department has announced the completion of the selection process for FY 2021 DV Lottery, aka Green Card Lottery, which had been postponed before due to the delays emanating from COVID-19 Pandemic. Entrant Status Check is available now for foreign individuals through the electronic diversity visa applicant entry system. They can visit the website and learn whether they were among those 55000 fortunate people. As their previous announcement of April 27 stated, this delayed opening will not have a negative impact on the ability to pre-process and schedule DV-2021 interviews, which are scheduled to begin on October 1, 2020.  

Caveats on Understanding the Lottery Results

  • One should keep in mind that the official web site of the DV Lottery is the only reliable and convenient way to learn the results. Once you access there, you are required to enter your last name, year of birth, the confirmation number that was given when you applied, and ultimately the authentication captcha. Utilizing the official web site of the state department is a crucial issue because DV Lottery scams and frauds are prevalent in various forms. Deceptive web pages that present themselves as though they were official websites pose a severe threat to the privacy and financial safety of individuals. DV Lottery applicants should be alerted against these cybercriminals, and no personal info should be given to them.
  • Once you verified that you are among the selected entrants, in other words, winners, the website gives you relevant information on applying for lawful permanent residence. In essence, selected individuals become eligible for Adjustment of Status or Consular Processing within Fiscal Year 2021, depending on a number of variables.
  • Recent presidential executive order signed by President Trump and its limitations concerning the entry of certain immigrants and  the issuance of immigrant visas doesn't seem to have a profound effect on the post-selection procedures since DV lottery interviews will be scheduled after October 1, 2020. On the other hand, if an extension occurs on regulations and limitations specified in the executive order, issuance of immigrant visa could be a problem for DV Entrants overseas.

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