What Does President Biden's Immigration Bill Bring?

President Biden opened a new page in immigration policy, restoring humanity, and highlighting American values. The bill gives a citizenship opportunity to hard-working people who live in and contribute to the US community and live here for years. The new immigration policy aims to unite families, grow the economy, and address the main reasons for immigration from outside the USA.

Enhanced Workforce Protection and Provides New Pathways to Citizenship

1.     A New Citizenship Roadmap for Undocumented Individuals

The bill allows undocumented persons to apply for temporary legal status. Those who pass national security and criminal background checks and pay their taxes will be allowed to apply for a green card after five years of temporary legal status. The green card holders passing additional background checks can apply to become citizens. To be an applicant, however, it is compulsory to be physically present in the United States on or earlier than January 1, 2021.

2.     Reuniting Families

The bill reorganizes the family-based immigration system by clearing backlogs, revoking unused visas, eliminating long waiting times, and increasing visa limits per country. It also removes the time barriers and other decrees keeping families divided. It also preserves protections for widows, orphans, children, and Filipino veterans fighting alongside the United States in World War II. 

3.     Embrace Diversity, Promote Refugee Integration and Immigrant and Citizenship

According to the bill, Diversity Visas will be increased from 55,000 to 80,000, and religious discrimination will be banned. The bill supplies new funding to local and state governments, private organizations, educational institutions, community-based organizations, and nonprofits to expand programs that promote integration and inclusion, increase English language training, and provide assistance to citizen seekers.

4.     Grow the Economy

The new policy aims to make it easier for graduates with advanced STEM degrees to stay in the country. The bill facilitates access to green cards for workers in low-wage sectors and removes dispensable barriers to employment-based green cards. It also empowers the DHS to adjust green cards to macroeconomic conditions and encourages higher fees for non-immigrant, highly skilled visas to avoid unfair competition with American workers. Forming LLC in the USA also will be more comfortable.

5.     Protecting Workers from Exploitation and Improving the Employment Verification Process

The draft aims for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Ministry of Labor to establish a commission consisting of workers, employers, and civil rights organizations to make recommendations to improve the employment verification process. Workers suffering from severe labour violations and those who cooperate with worker protection agencies will be given greater access to the U visa exemption. It also protects seasonal workers, migrants and increases penalties for employers who violate labour laws.

Tightening Border Controls with Smart Systems

With this draft, President Biden plans to support the existing border infrastructure with new technologies. To achieve this goal, the Congress will allocate a record budget to the Secretary of DHS to enhance and implement a plan to expedite screening and improve the ability to identify narcotics and other contraband at each land, air, and seaport entry.

One of the goals of the bill is to protect borders as well as border communities. Continuous training will be provided to increase the security of agents and offices. The draft also creates a Border Community Stakeholder Advisory Committee, providing more dedicated representatives in the DHS Professional Responsibility to investigate criminal and administrative misconduct and develop new policies.

The proposal aims to effectively track people on smuggling and trafficking networks and exploit immigrants to smash criminal organizations.

Address the Main Problems That Cause Immigration

The bill organizes and finances the President's $ 4 billion four-year inter-agency plan to address the underlying causes of migration in the region.  Also, it aims to increase the ability of regional countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to reduce violence, pervasive corruption, and poverty that cause people to flee their home country. Moreover, the President plans to designate Processing Centers in Central America to register and process displaced persons for refugee resettlement and other legal migration routes to the United States or other partner countries. The draft aims to form a Central American Family Reunification Parole Program to unite families quickly. 

The bill expands family case management programs, reduces immigration court backlogs, expands training for immigration judges, and improves immigration courts' technology. Finally, asylum application backlogs will be diminished, and U visa, T visa, and VAWA applicants will be increased to support vulnerable people and asylum seekers.

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